Data Management

Data Management Plans and Storage Solutions for the Life Cycle of Research Grants.

As per the requirements of granting agencies such as NSF and NIH, research projects must meet specific requirements for data management. The Advanced Computing Group provides services to help researchers easily create an individualized data management plan for their grants to meet NSF and NIH requirements. ACG data management plans also come with the benefits of the Maine Dataverse Network.

Research Project Data Management Life Cycle

All NSF proposals must include a data management plan.

NSF data management plan must include:

  • Expected data

  • Data format/standard

  • Access to data and data sharing

  • Policies for reuse and redistribution

  • Archival of data.

The Advanced Computing Group and the University of Maine System have partnered with DMPTool to provide an easy-access tool to assist in Data Management Plan creation for faculty and researchers in the University of Maine System.

“The DMPTool is an inter-institutional collaboration established to support the management of research data via the DMPTool, an open source, web application that assists researchers in producing data management plans and delivering them to funders. The two principal objectives of the DMPTool are: 1) to provide researchers with an easy way to create a data management plan by addressing funder and institutional requirements, and 2) to provide researchers with related information pertinent to their specific institutional environment. The operating motto of the project is “Guidance and resources for your data management plan.”” -from the DMPTool agreement

The Maine Dataverse Network (MDVN) is a cloud-based data repository intended to act as a long-term data archive to facilitate data sharing among the research community in accordance with NSF, NIH, NASA, and other granting authority data management plan requirements. The Maine Dataverse Network offers a convenient and secure method of sharing and archiving data and is made available to the Maine research community at no cost.

Benefits of the Maine Dataverse Network

  • Locally hosted and maintained by the Advanced Computing Group@UMaine.

  • Multiple levels of permission for projects and data.

  • Access data from any computer with an internet connection

  • Built-in version control.

  • 8-5 on-call and email support.

  • Training sessions are held throughout the year.

  • Additional benefits to ACG Partners and Collaborators.