Virtual machines allow you to design custom-built machines (servers), or take copies of an existing computer’s specs, which are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Essentially, virtual machines give you a remote desktop that safely keeps your important files and allows you to access them from anywhere. VMs are regularly backed up and provide integrated software management. They are easily customizable and come with storage and support.

Features of Virtual Machines

  • Access from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Easy to set up with a dashboard interface.

  • Secure, backed up, safe from hardware failures.

  • Software as a service (SaaS)

    • Matlab, R, NetLogo, & other packages.

  • Multiple Linux platforms to choose from (Windows too)

  • Ability to rollback to previous versions with Snapshots.

  • Sharable or private, you decide.

  • Support Provided. In Person, on the Phone & Online.

Virtual Machine Use Cases

  • Rapid deployment

  • Grad student daily use

    • Archivable

    • Immune to hardware failure

  • Hosting Custom Services

  • Collaboration

  • Class/laboratory support

  • Free up your desktop or laptop

    • Data Processing

    • Data Storage