Running a Program
Single Core Case
Specifying the Number of Nodes and Processes
Running Matlab on the Cluster

Currently we have OpenFOAM 2.1.1 and 2.2.x installed. These have their own versions of OpenMPI and they have a little different syntax for use from the rest of the software . Here is an example run script for the Cavity test program:


#!/bin/bash -l

#PBS -q batch

#PBS -N openfoamtest

#PBS -l procs=4

#PBS -l walltime=04:00:00

#PBS -o foam.out

#PBS -e foam.err

module load OpenFOAM



blockMesh &> blockMesh.out

decomposePar &> decomposePar.out

mpirun –mca btl openib,self –hostfile $PBS_NODEFILE -np 4 icoFoam -parallel