What is a Visualization Wall (vWALL)

Humans process data and information in a primarily visual way. (Segee et al 2007)

A physical wall ”containing many displays tiled together and each displaying a fraction of the overall image, provide a means of producing large displays that combine the resolution of all the monitors. Displays of hundreds of millions of pixels can be created, allowing large, high resolution imagery to be displayed and examined without the continual need to zoom in, zoom out and pan.” (Withee et al 2009)

One example is located at Norman Smith Hall on the UMaine campus provides a wall of six displays measuring 12 ft by 4 ½ft. Maximizing the resolution of one display’s resolution power to the collective of six 55-inch displays coupled with high speed fiber connectivity, this system delivers real time data streaming in a big way. Come see it for yourself. It allows you to see your images, such as map data for example, without having to continually zoom in to see more detail and zoom out to see more area.

Advanced Computing Group 002

vWALL at the Mitchell Center on University of Maine campus.


Who benefits from the vWALL

  • Researchers with large complex data sets.

  • Presenters desiring to share data imagery to a larger audience.

  • Provides collaborating research teams to share and display results.

  • Teacher/instructors interested in virtual tours.

  • Everyone interested in seeing the big picture.


What the vWALL can do for your data sets

  • Increase resolution and viewable area for more complex data sets.

  • Faster refresh rate at high resolution.

  • Create a space for large scale charts.

  • Increase speeds of download to real time.

  • Increase productivity time for assembling projects.

  • Build big picture awareness.


What to Understand about the vWALL

  • Removable data devices like usb flash drives will not display on presenting computer

  • Source data must be retrieved online.

  • Download data set from Dropbox, Google Drive, other cloud based storage, or with ACG ZendTo data storage service.

  • Data may be storage on vWall hard drive in a custom folder.

  • Dual boot Windows/linux system for increased flexibility.

In summary two computers are connected to one comand display, keyboard and mouse.

Interested in utilizing this technology?

Contact Ami Gaspar for more information.