Penguin cluster

ACG boasts a diverse system of computing power including three supercomputer clusters, a GPU system, two visualization servers, and more, totaling around 128 TFlops of compute power.

HPC and Cloud Infrastructure

The ACG Cluster is capable of processing at 95.6 TFlops.  It is composed of:

  • 72 Supermicro nodes
  • 2464 Intel Haswell/Broadwell cores at 2.5/2.4GHz

The SGI cluster is capable of processing at 6.2 TFlops.  It is composed of:

  • 44 nodes
  • Each node contains an Intel Xeon processer at 2.93GHz

The Penguin Computing cluster is capable of processing at 6.1 TFlops.  It is composed of:

  • 32 nodes, each node has two 8-core AMD CPU’s running at 3.0-3.6 Ghz.
  • 3 TB of Total memory: half of the nodes have 64 GB and half have 128GB.
  • Connected with Quad Data Rate (QDR) Infiniband at 40 Gigabits per second.
  • This system is capable of 6.1 Teraflops.

HPC & Cloud Storage Capacity

Our primary cluster-wide storage contains:

  • Three fault-tolerant Supermicro ZFS NAS systems
  • 785TB total storage

Our secondary HPC storage array contains a 77 TB Dot Hill 3533 NAS system from Penguin Computing that serves over the Infiniband network for excellent performance.

  • Each of the 32 nodes also has a 1TB hard disk that is mounted at /scratch for cases where local disk accesses is helpful.

  • 100 TB of backup and nearline storage.

  • 250 TB usable storage

The Seagate CS1500 Lustre system contains:

  • One ESU
  • Three SSUs
  • 8 OSTs
  • 225TB total storage at 5GB/s over Infiniband

As usage on the system grows, so will the system.


Visualization Systems

ACG operates two visualization systems that consist of dual-socket motherboards containing Intel Haswell processers and 256GB of RAM.

Each visualization system is equipped with an nVidia Quadro K4200 video card and is connected to HPC storage by Infiniband.

The systems run VirtualGL software and VNC to allow for VNC connections to render graphics using the servers GPU rather than sending OpenGL calls across the network to be rendered on the VNC client machine. This provides extremely fast 3D visualization with only minimal hardware requirements for the VNC client.

More packages will be installed soon. The address is: and current users of Marconi can access this system with their same credentials.


GPU System

Provides computational power utilizing a GPU

  • 3x Dual nVidia K80 GPUs 52 TFlops
  • nVidia Tesla M2090 GPU: 1.6 TFlops
  • 16 AMD Opteron cores: 3.2-3.8 Ghz
  • 64 GB memory

The GPU system has a total processing power of 19.4 GFlops (doubleprecision).


Cloud Computing System

The cloud computing system provides virtual machine services.

  • Running OpenStack Kilo
  • 2048 virtual cores
  • 80TB triple-replicated Ceph storage cluster


Shared Memory system

The SGI Altix 3700 BX2 system is in operation. This system has 64 1600 Mhz Itanium2 processors and 256 GB of RAM in a single OS image. While this is a fairly old system it still competes well with the latest systems when running some applications. Particularly with large models that have a lot of communication between processes. This system is not heavily used right now so we keep it powered off until someone wants to use it.  Please send an email to  Steve Cousins to request that this system to be powered up.



All Systems are connected with Quad Data Rate (QDR) Infiniband at 40 Gigabits per second