Our fees are based on a cost per core-hour for compute time or a cost per TB of storage per month. They also reflect the need for spare capacity for backup, maintenance, testing, and development.

Price Charts for Storage and HPC Computation

TIER 1 (lowest price, Sponsored Projects and Internal)

A sponsored project is a project that has a PI that is a faculty or staff member of a University of Maine System Campus (or system office).  ”Sponsored projects” typically result from the submission of a proposal in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) and have a budget, scope of work, and a distinct start and end date.  ”Internal” refers to usage by a member or department of one of the University of Maine System campuses (or system office) in support of teaching, research, or service.


TIER 1 HPC Service Unit Cost
CPU: per core hour 1 core hour $0.06793
CPU: per core monthly 1 core monthly $48.91


It is the goal of the Advanced Computing Group to grow the resource.  The cost to operate the resource grows very slowly with increasing size, so the unit cost is less, the larger the resource is.  It is the goal to increase the size to at least 2048 cores and 1000TB or storage.  If a user elects to grow the resource using capital equipment money, the advanced computing group will purchase suitable equipment and provide matching funds to pay operations cost of said equipment (i.e., the Tier 1 rate)  for up to three calendar years or the equivalent of one year full-time use (whichever happens sooner).


TIER 2 Pricing (schools and non-profits) 

In support of our mission for teaching, research, and public service, the ACG will make resources available to outside, non-profit entities, such as K-12 schools or non-profit research organizations for the betterment of those goals


TIER 2 HPC Service Unit Cost
CPU: per core hour 1 core hour $0.178
CPU: per core monthly 1 core monthly $128.16



TIER 3 Pricing (commercial)

In support of our mission for economic development within the State of Maine, we will provide service for for-profit entities on a case by case basis.  Less than 10% of our resources will be allocated to for-profit use.  Examples of suitable uses include startup companies, particularly Maine-based, student-led businesses, or temporary, short-term needs faced by established business.  Tier 3 rates are set to help grow the resource and lower unit costs for all users while still providing economic development opportunities for Maine businesses.

Special consideration will be given for HPC jobs that run for relatively short durations and are submitted to queues and can be run at a later time on otherwise idle hardware.  Under these circumstances the price per core hour (but not the price for storage) may be reduced to the Tier 1 rate.

TIER 3 HPC Service Unit Cost
CPU: per core hour 1 core hour $0.42
CPU: per core monthly 1 core monthly $302.40