All ACG pricing is currently being re-evaluated. If you would like pricing guidance for a grant proposal, please email us at

TIER 1 (lowest price, Sponsored Projects and Internal)

A sponsored project is a project that has a PI that is a faculty or staff member of a University of Maine System Campus (or system office).  ”Sponsored projects” typically result from the submission of a proposal in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) and have a budget, scope of work, and a distinct start and end date.  ”Internal” refers to usage by a member or department of one of the University of Maine System campuses (or system office) in support of teaching, research, or service.
Requires Inclusion into grant budget.

TIER 2 pricing (schools and nonprofits)

In support of our mission for teaching, research, and public service, the ACG will make resources available to outside, non-profit entities, such as K-12 schools or non-profit research organizations for the betterment of those goals.

TIER 3 pricing (commercial)

In support of our mission for economic development within the State of Maine, we will provide service for for-profit entities on a case by case basis.  Less than 10% of our resources will be allocated to for-profit use.  Examples of suitable uses include startup companies, particularly Maine-based, student-led businesses, or temporary, short-term needs faced by established business.  Tier 3 rates are set to help grow the resource and lower unit costs for all users while still providing economic development opportunities for Maine businesses.