Director: Bruce Segee

Bruce Segee ACG Director

Dr. Bruce E. Segee is Director of the Advanced Computing Group as well as the Henry R. and Grace V. Butler Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maine.  His research is focused in high performance computing and visualization, instrumentation, industrial automation, computer control of machinery, data acquisition and data mining. His work in distributed processing on the factory floor led him to cluster supercomputing, the use of a large number of commodity PCs working together to achieve supercomputer performance.  He interacts routinely with K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students.  He helped organize and run the annual M-STEM conferences since 2007.  These have been attended by thousands of Maine K-12 students and teachers.  He has recently a $1.2M NSF award to promote the use of inquiry-based learning through the use of supercomputer climate modeling, laptop computers, and in-classroom visualization using multiple laptops to create a tiled visualization wall.  Other recent funding has been targeted to improving Maine’s cyberinfrastructure for research, education, and economic development. Bruce may be reached by Email.

Supercomputer Engineer/AdministratorSteve Cousins

Steve has been involved with Supercomputing since 2000 when he was hired by the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine to parallelize an ocean model for use on a Beowulf cluster. In 2007 he became System Administrator for the group that would eventually become the Advanced Computing Group. He is involved with all aspects of HPC resource acquisition, management, maintenance, and use.  He can be reached by Email or phone at (207) 581-3574.

and ask him!

Data Architect: Chris Wilson

Chris holds both an MA and BA in pure Mathematics from the University of Maine and is currently working on his PhD in Computer Science. His primary research interest is Artificial Intelligence, namely intent recognition, context-aware computing, and intelligent assistive technology. Currently Chris is trying to augment his brain power with AI. Don’t believe it? Email or call (207)-581-3579.

(207) 581-3578.

Outreach Specialist: Ami Gaspar

Ami is fluent in tech/geek speak, able to cross multiple operating systems in a single bound, and serves as a translator to the non-technical while informing the technically inclined of ACG services. While some like to think Ami is short for Artificial Mental Intelligence she does run on human brain power and can be reached by Email or phone: (207)-581-3578.

Cloud System Administrator: Forrest Flagg

Forrest holds both an MS and BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Maine.  His Master’s thesis was focused on speeding up scientific computation models using General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs).  Forrest joined the ACG in October of 2015 now runs and maintains the ACG’s OpenStack virtual machine cloud helping both researchers and educators take advantage of the scalable resources the cloud provides.  Forrest can be reached by email ( or by phone (207)-581-3575.


Cyberinfrastructure Engineer: Larry Whitsel

Larry Whitsel is the Cyberinfrastructure Engineer for the Advanced Computing Group and a member of the Adjunct Faculty at the University of Maine.  Dr. Whitsel holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maine, and Master Degrees in Computer Science from the University of Maine and in Software Engineering from Azusa Pacific University.  His goal is to improve research programs across the University of Maine System. He does that by working with professors and graduate students who are often unaware of the cyberinfrastructure that is available to them.

Available Positions

Please check the University of Maine System employment opportunities website for available positions. Any open positions will be posted in the news section of this website as well.